Minnie’s adventures take her and her passengers near and far…and they can’t help but get hungry along the way!  Since food is an important delight, Minnie makes sure to bring along a variety of snacks that can’t be found elsewhere.  Her favorite is a nice refreshing Dole Whip she enjoys on those sunny days as she drives along listening to the radio!

Minnie Meals, a hypothetical app, brings the magical food and snacks of Walt Disney World to your resort door. In association with Minnie Vans, the cheerful drivers will be happy to assist you by delivering the food you love, when you want it, without having to go there yourself. Minnie Meals eliminates the frustrations of not being able to get to the newest snack marvel by bringing it to you instead.


With the launch of Minnie Vans, I couldn’t help but see the huge potential of what this could mean for the Disney company. Being a proclaimed foodie that can’t get enough of Disney Food Blog, I’ve always been on top of the news for must have foods. Unfortunately, many of these great delights come from other resorts that many people are unable to get to do to timing, distance or lack of transportation. So I believe the next logical steps for Minnie Vans would be to develop a delivery service such as Minnie Meals to fill this void, similar to what Uber has done with Uber Eats. This will allow guests to marvel at every food Disney has to offer. Yum!