A mobile app called that is operated by the local city transit system that serves thousands of commuters to solve the issue that Due to expansion, numerous bus routes have been recently added and many of those routes stop at the same bus stop. Riders want to know what the next arriving bus is and how much time they have to get to the bus stop. Simply rushing to the stop when you see a bus coming no longer works because it might not be the bus the rider is expecting.



Ellen, a 23 year old college student that mostly uses the bus system to get her to either to her classes on campus or to do something fun off campus, since it’s one of the cheapest forms of transportation near her.

1: “I really like on screen one I get to have my favorites”
1: “Can I just use this search bar to find the station I want?”
1: “Shouldn’t view all stations be closer to the top?”

2: “So on this screen I can view all the Bus Station’s buses?”
2: “How will I know which line to take?”

3: “Are these the different stops for the line?”
3: “What if I want to request a stop, would that show up here?”
3: “Why are there no other times on the other stops?”
3: “Will it eventually tell me if I’m at the end of the line?”



Jim, a 35 year old that really only takes the bus in extreme situations, like his phone is dead to contact an uber.

1: “These bars in the corner are hiding more information from me to not clutter it?”
1: “How are the favorites made? Frequently visited or can I customize them?

2: “Will there be a picture of the sation for us to view or see?”
2: “Where do I see this station when I star it? Is that favorting it?”

3: “Does the circle fill in only when we are at the stop or will it continue to fill them as we go along kind of like a subway?”
3: “Will anything else happen if I click on these lines?”
3: “Will it show me a stop even if it is closed down?”