An app and website design for the avid shopper. This design allows the user to plan out their Black Friday shopping experience, from the times of sales and items to where they are located and how to get there, ensuring that they will get the best deals, in the fastest amount of time.



To provide a fluid and easy to use interface. Making it understandable for any level of technical experience for any platform. A suite that provides the user a convenience for saving time and money. By organizing and choosing the best personalized information for the user for their shopping experience.


  • Head - Saves an individual money. Helping them reserve money for other things like the ever increasing price of gas.

  • Heart - Saves an individual time. Cuts the need for coupons or looking through flyers letting them spend more time with family.

  • Hands - Should be an easy and intuitive experience for all on all platforms. The user ranging from those that use technology sparingly to those that use it every moment.



Brenda Tanner
Age - 31
Occupation - Stay at Home Mom
Location - Farmington, Missouri

Brenda Tanner is a stay at home mother. After she feeds her kids and husband and leave for work she gets to work on cleaning up. Cleaning the kids rooms, her room and the rest of the  house. After the house is spotless she gets to the flyers. Looking through them all and clipping out her needed coupons for shopping that day. Putting her collected coupons in an envelope, grabbing her purse and keys Brenda was out the door and to the store being in a rush since she took longer then she anticipated. Moving through the grocery store as fast as possible missing a few items she needed but was able to make it through the check out isle and back to her home right before her kids. Later that night when talking with her friend, she was suggested a new website that had saved her a lot of money. Curious about this suggestion, after the phone call Brenda looked the site up and noticed that a competing grocery from what she went to, down the street, was having a sale. Looking at the items she realized she could have saved more money then what she did with the coupons just by going to the sale and saved time to boot.



Anthony Russo
Age - 20
Occupation - College Student
Location - Rochester, New York

Anthony Russo a gamer in college always want to stay on top of the best gaming technology but usually does not have the funds is always looking for the best deal. He searches over and over on the web to find something in his budget but it is too time consuming that he is searching more for the new technology that he barely has time to play the games he has, between his classes and homework. Frustrated at what was going on he gave up on looking at the webpages moving to his phone to text his friends to see what they were up to. He noticed a notification from an app reading flash sale. Curious as to what it meant by flash sale he booted up the application and saw to his disbelief the new gaming console he wanted in his price range. Without a second glance his fingers moved quickly afraid it would sell out, putting it in his cart and bought it right then and there. Through his Venmo he paid for the item instead of wasting time entering his information. The console would be on its way the next day. With a grin he texted his friends gloating.



  • Conversions -How many people to join, participate in a surveys, recommend your site or simply subscribe to email newsletters.

  • Bounce Rate -The better the bounce rate the less people have fled from ones site. Tracking ones bounce rate shoes how many just leave compared to those who stay and look around the site.

  • Eyetracking - How real people’s eyes move about the page and take in the information.

  • Backlinks - Knowing how many pages link to you and the quality of where those links are.

  • Social Media -The number of shares/votes and tweets by real people on Facebook, Reddit, Tumblr and Twitter. 2 to 3 people are telling a huge number of people who you are.