Hi there, my name is Taira Perrault and I aspire to create magic each day through my work as a multidisciplinary designer.

Through my years I have had the pleasure of creating work for both large internationally known companies like Xerox, Bausch + Lomb, Delta, BMW, etc, as well as small locally owned businesses like Bubble Tea Café, Special Touch Bakery, Arc of Yates, etc. Each project that I have touched I have strategically thought about what was best for the client and I have brought them a solution they not only wanted but needed.

Just recently, I was tasked with the problem to create an easier way for Bausch + Lomb contact lens consumers to submit and redeem their rebate offers. With this I delivered a rewards website that details step-by-step directions in a fun and inviting infographic format. In effect this website cut the average claim approval time down from weeks to only a 24-hour waiting period for consumers to obtain their money back.

 This solved the company’s problem and earned them more than 130,000 new members and counting.

Not only am I a multidisciplinary designer but I’m also a problem solver and I’d love to connect and perhaps help magically solve one of your problems.